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Truckfest will be held at the Hawkesbury Showgrounds in Clarendon, between Windsor and Richmond in Sydney’s north-west. The town sits on the Hawkesbury River, enveloped by farmland and Australian bush. Many of the oldest surviving European buildings in Australia are located in the Windsor/Richmond area. Accessible by rail, there is plenty of local accommodation and places to see. Our reason for Hawkesbury Showgrounds was due to the relaxed, country atmosphere and the hope of being an event that is a cross between the successful shows we admire such as the amazing Ag-Quip, Casino and Brisbane truck shows. It is also the venue for the popular Clarendon Classic Rally & Kenworth Klassic, one of the largest machinery events in the Southern Hemisphere and also one that the organisers are extremely proud to be a part of. 

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This feature was the catalyst for Truckfest and also the reason for the location. Along with being heavily involved with the industry, the organisers are also avid historians and remember the glory days of transport where the now famous Yennora Woolsheds played host to our proud industry. The majority of operators remember the relaxed, colourful and spectacular feel of Yennora so as a sideline to Truckfest we decided to recreate that event to relive that unforgettable feeling. The hay bales, the picket fences, the plastic sheep – all part of the display as some of the industries finest vehicles were used to promote trucking in Australia. So, with the option of a 25,000 square foot shed to use, we thought why not! And with some on point period restored vehicles presented we will do our best to recreate that atmosphere, plastic sheep and all.


With the help of some amazing local vendors, there will be an array of food and beverages available across the weekend including a fully functional licenced bar. The idea was to accommodate all tastes and enough to choose from that no one is famished following a day of walking and talking trucks. On top of all this we have a selection of some local talent who will be performing in the background with some spectacular chords and voices.

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Show ‘n’ Shine

Thanks to our Platinum sponsor Silverback Armour, we have succumbed to the pressure and proudly announce that Sydney Truckfest will be hosting a Show and Shine open to all trucks of every size, shape, year and model.


How It Works

Trucks will be given a number and all of the Voters (participants, exhibitors, performers and general public) can simply log on via a QR code and pick their favourite by the number displayed.

There’ll be a First, Second and Third place awarded. The show will be on Saturday and Sunday only.


Hours to Arrive and Leave

Vehicles must be assembled on site by 9:00am and will not be permitted to move until 5:00pm. Trucks can remain overnight and can be shown on either Saturday, Sunday or both however, judging is open over both days so there’s a better chance of walking away with an award if you stay for the whole weekend.


Cost of Entry

Each Truck entering the truck show will have a single charge with two options:

  • Adult pass of $80.00 per vehicle. The fee will give the entrant a Weekend Pass for one person (valued at $55.00) and one truck entry;

  • Family pass of $170.00 per vehicle. The fee will give the entrant a Weekend Pass for a family (valued at $145.00) and one truck entry;


Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

Winners will be announced on Sunday afternoon at 3:00pm.

We all love a winner and thanks to some great sponsors we have more than just a simple trophy to award the successful participant.

The top three vehicles will be rewarded for their efforts by either prizes or vouchers. Details to come.


As Truckfest is getting closer we are planning some other unique features to make this a show to remember and as we get closer, details will be finalised and displayed. These include:

  • TRUCK RIDES – a circuit is being finalised and vehicles gathered where the chance to ride in a classic truck will be available as a treat to experience bygone years. If you’ve always wondered what a V8 Mack, 2 Stroke Detroit or twin stick gearbox vehicle is like to ride in, our aim is to give you that opportunity;

  • MODEL TRUCK DISPLAY – Part of the Yennora Woolsheds appeal was the era of model kits and accessories. Not a show for judging but more to showcase the talents of some of our local enthusiasts;

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